Are you bored of shoot ‘em up games? Would you like to test your skills on the combat field?
Then come and show us your manoeuvres in our fantastic woodland Laser Warfare arena. Once you’re kitted up with the latest laser guns (all the way from the USA!), our commanders lead you through a variety of exciting game scenarios. For parents’ peace of mind, all the lasers are completely harmless - there are no projectiles (unlike paintball) - therefore, no pain and no bruises. And because our lasers are limitless, you have no need to buy any extra ammo - again, unlike paintball. Our large woodland arena is made up of a mix of natural and man-made made ‘hides’ which help you remain in ‘stealth mode’ as you move around the terrain. Our challenging games encourage teams to work together, and it is quickly apparent who is a natural SAS trooper and who should stick to their games console. We hope to see you report for duty soon.

If you require any further ‘classified information’,
please call our HQ on 01277 260001


We offer kids’ parties for groups of 10 upwards. Our purpose built woodland arena is the ideal setting for combat scenarios, offering huge excitement in a controlled and safe environment.
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Looking for something to do during the holidays? Allow your child to experience the adrenaline of Laser Warfare by taking part in one of our All Day Laser Fundays.
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