The Guns

Our laser guns are state of the art technology all the way from America, and are based on the hugely popular MP5 machine gun. They are made with a sturdy metal construction and feature an extendable stock, making it suitable for all ages and all arm lengths. They are directly controlled by your event commander, making our system much more reliable than most others available that communicate with a computer system. Each gun has a top mounted laser dot sight making aiming very easy and allows you to shoot targets up to 300 metres away.

The Domination box

Designed to test your team’s ability to defend by seeing who can shoot at the box and keep it lit in your team’s colour the longest. A 10 minute timer sounds the siren and the winning teams is then announced. This game is so popular that other laser tag centres charge extra. Not us – we always want to give you the best possible experience.

Re-spawn boxes

If you run out of lives or bullets, fear not! Our re-spawn box allows you to re-boost your gun back into life. Once re-spawned, it’s time to get yourself back in to the game – your team needs you!


Watch out! Mine boxes are placed in strategic places around the arena and will disable anyone who goes near them – keep ‘em peeled.

Helmets, flags and prop bombs can be used in various game play situations.

All equipment usage is subject to individual sessions.


  • Sudden Death
  • The ideal warm up game to get to know the equipment and arena. Can you work together as a team to wipe out the opposing team before they get you?

  • Domination
  • A fast and furious action packed game where you must dominate the arena and keep control of the Domination box. Other laser tag providers charge extra for the use of this domination device - not us!

  • Protect the president
  • This scenario requires a tactical lead - can you disable the opposing team’s president whilst protecting your own?

  • Plant the bomb
  • Have you got what it takes to plant the bomb in the opposing teams base whilst also protecting your own base and team?

  • 5 Lives Re-spawn
  • Share 5 lives with your fellow troops. Once all 5 lives have been lost your team has lost the battle!

  • Laser Bulldog
  • Can you get from the top base to the bottom base without our commanders shooting you out of the game?

    Games are dependent on individual groups’ abilities. There are no set times for each game, so amount of games may vary according to length of session!