Once you enter the arena you will hike (just a few hundred feet!) to your command bunker to regroup and discuss tactics. From there you will progress towards enemy territory and through the infamous ‘No-man’s land’. Tread carefully – there may be mines! Move from bunker to bunker, all the time watching closely for signs of movement and impending danger. Can you infiltrate the enemy camp before they do yours? Only the best will survive.​ ​



  • Sudden Death
  • The ideal warm up game to get to know the equipment and arena. Can you work together as a team to wipe out the opposing team before they get you?

  • Domination
  • A fast and furious action packed game where you must dominate the arena and keep control of the Domination box. Other laser tag providers charge extra for the use of this domination device - not us!

  • Protect the president
  • This scenario requires a tactical lead - can you disable the opposing team’s president whilst protecting your own?

  • Plant the bomb
  • Have you got what it takes to plant the bomb in the opposing teams base whilst also protecting your own base and team?

  • 5 Lives Re-spawn
  • Share 5 lives with your fellow troops. Once all 5 lives have been lost your team has lost the battle!

  • Laser Bulldog
  • Can you get from the top base to the bottom base without our commanders shooting you out of the game?

    Games are dependent on individual groups’ abilities. There are no set times for each game, so amount of games may vary according to length of session!