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Hugely entertaining for kids and adults alike, Laser Warfare is the latest combat game to storm the UK - totally safe and totally fun!

The purpose built woodland arena is the ideal setting for combat scenarios, offering huge excitement in a controlled and safe environment. Mums, don't worry, the lasers we use in our guns, infrared, are 100%  safe.

About our Parties

Our Laser Warfare parties are perfect for groups of 10+ aged 7-77yrs old. We run children/family sessions and adult only sessions - up to 30 players in each session.

  • 1 hr's gameplay including 4 scenarios/missions
  • Full instruction and equipment briefing
  • Camouflage suits and hats
  • The very latest Laser guns from USA
  • Photos of the session and group emailed to organiser
  • Dog tag for each soldier
  • Party Room available

Along with your fellow soldiers you'll don your camos and grab your guns. Half your party will join Red Brigade and half Blue. Listen carefully to your mission brief and then head out into the woods. Once at your base camp you can talk tactics - manoeuvre discreetly between the trees and strategically positioned hides to advance into enemy territory, picking off your opponents as you go? Or a more 'Gung-ho' approach, storming down the middle all guns blazing? ...the choice is yours.

Do you have the skill, cunning and aim to win the war?
You'll need some luck to simply survive!

Does it hurt?

No. Unlike some lasers, the beams we use - infrared - are 100% safe.

What are the guns like?

We have a brand new set of guns for Spring 2015, all the way from the USA. They're the very latest in laser technology and have increased range and accuracy. And with red dot laser sites and realistic gun shot sounds, you'll really feel the part.

How do I book once I've downloaded my voucher?

Simply call the booking office on 01277 260001 stating that you have your voucher, and one of our friendly staff will talk you through your options.

How old do they have to be?

Family Sessions - From 7yrs
Adult Sessions - From 14yrs

What are the time slots available?

Saturday & Sunday
10am - 12pm Kids/Family Session (age 7yrs+)
12.30pm - 2.30pm Adults (14yrs+)
3pm - 5pm 12pm Kids/Family Session (age 7yrs+)

Monday - Friday
10am - 8pm
Please call the booking office on 01277 260001 for availability