Summer is here so why sit around indoors playing video games? Come and give our Laser Tag fun day a go instead!

Our Fun days will be taking place on every Friday of the summer holidays and you can join in the fun for just £30!

If you’re aged between seven and sixteen then the recent Pokemon Go! craze will have introduced you to a strange place called outdoors; a place where the winds blows through these tall green and brown things called trees while a strange glowing ball in the sky keeps you warm.

Taking place in our woodland arena, the fun day will test even the strongest friendship as you battle against friends and family to show that you are the best!

Under the stewardship of our Laser Commanders, you will be put through your paces in a variety of games and battle scenarios. In some of these you may find it best to run in all guns blazing while in others it may be wiser to use stealth tactics; your camouflage overalls helping you to blend in with the woodland surroundings.

Our arena has several key strategic areas. With each team starting in their own Command Bunker, you can use the tree hides, log trenches and bunkers to your advantage but be warned, not all of the arena is designed to help you so be careful to steer clear of the mine field.

One of our most popular scenarios is the mysterious and inimitable Domination box. What is it? Well there’s only one way to find out!

Offering all of the thrills of paintball without the spills, Laser Warfare is an enjoyable and affordable way to spend the day. The guns have an unlimited number of shots so you won’t be needing to buy a top up any time soon and you also won’t be experiencing any of the bumps and bruises that are common from paintball!

Our sales team are available seven days a week on 01708 863070 and they are waiting for your call.

We’re ready. What’s your excuse?